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Once upon a time...         

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In the far north of Holland, Europe our sworn friendship began. Living in the countryside our days were filled with exploring the woods and playing soccer. At the age of 6 while playing for the local soccer club GOMOS our team became regional champions!

Shortly thereafter, coincidentally both of our families moved from our small village of Westervelde in the province of Drenthe to the city of Enschede in the east of Holland. While in Enschede, our friendship continued to grow as well as more common interests such as music, tennis, girls, movies, lots of late nights and especially... using every opportunity to make a mess! Literally and figuratively. Over time, Enschede became far too small for us and we wanted more. Once graduated from high school we both decided to move to big cities. Reyer chose Utrecht and Tom picked Amsterdam. These new places enabled us to continue to uncover and explore newly found interests like art, screen printing, wine, techno/electro house music, and especially scissor cutting lines. (✄)


The summer of 2010

Then came the summer of 2010. As often happened, we were enjoying a beer at the local bar. Tom had recently graduated from the Academy of Art in Arnhem and had just began working as an independent graphic designer. A few years prior Reyer had started a company that specialized in Internet services. While reminiscing about the past and discussing the future we discovered that our common interests had not disappeared and that we had even more in common than ever before. This was the moment the idea was born to introduce a new clothing brand.


 QelleQ founders, a long time ago

Tom had developed a nack for designing awesome looking art and Reyer had been intrigued by t-shirts for many years. He had already designed and produced several t-shirts on his own and the feedback he got was overwhelmingly positive.

Many beer filled evenings later our company was born. We settled on QelleQ and opened the doors of our virtual web shop in the beginning of 2011.


What we stand for

Our clothing has to be of utmost quality. We expect our t-shirts to keep its shape and color, and the design remains in tact after several washings. We want to offer you quality and fast delivery!

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Our Goal

We design t-shirts we get excited about ourselves. Our most important goal / criterium is; do we want to be seen wearing our own shirts? If we feel we want to we have reached our goal, which is 100% QelleQ. We are convinced that our philosophy makes our QelleQ designs unique and successful!

Reyer & Tom

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